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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Body Coordination (Topical Paper)

Today i would like to share a (New) [Science SPM Form 4] Chapter 2 Scientific Body Coordination Topical Test Paper. This also as task or Worksheet Paper. This is Kelantan Module Year 2007. Thanks to all panel Kelantan 2007 for their good work :). Complete with answer. In this subtopic students will learned about, and able toJustify Full
  • identify the component parts of the human nervous system
  • state the function of each component part of the nervous system
  • state what a neurone is
  • identify the parts of a neurone
  • state the function of each part of the neurone
  • identify the different types of neurone
  • state the function of each type of neurone
  • state what receptors and effectors are
  • state the functions of receptors and effectors
  • explain with examples what a reflex action is
  • describe a reflex action
  • illustrate the path taken by an impulse in the reflex arc.
  • identify the main parts of the human brain
  • state the function of each part of the human brain
  • explain what voluntary action is
  • give examples of voluntary actions
  • explain what involuntary action is
  • give examples of involuntary actions
  • explain the effects of injuries to specific parts of the human brain
  • describe what hormone is
  • describe what endocrine glands are
  • identify the main endocrine glands and their respective locations in the body
  • state the function of hormones secreted by the endocrine glands
  • describe the effects of hormonal imbalance on health

Download this Topical Test below. Its complete with answer. Hope with this topical test module students will perform for their SPM examination. Thanks for you support. Please visit my blog again and be my followers or readers. Thanks.

Chapter 2 - Body Coordination (Topical Test) - Student Copy

Chapter 2 - Body Coordination (Topical Test) - Teacher Copy

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