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Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 3 - Heredity and Variation (Topical Test)

Today i would like to share a (New) [Science SPM Form 4] Chapter 3 - Heredity and Variation Topical Test Paper. This also as task or Worksheet Paper. This is Kelantan Module Year 2007. Thanks to all panel Kelantan 2007 for their good work :). Complete with answer. In this subtopic students will learned about, and able to:-

· state what gene, DNA and chromosome are

· describe the relationship between gene, DNA and chromosome

· state what mitosis is

· state what meiosis is

· describe the process of mitosis

· describe the process of meiosis

· compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis

· explain the importance of mitosis and meiosis

· explain what dominant and recessive genes are

· identify dominant and recessive traits in human

· illustrate the mechanism of inheritance of traits using schematic diagram

· predict the genotype and phenotype ratios of a monohybrid cross

· explain what sex chromosomes are

· explain how sex is determined

· explain the formation of identical and non identical twins

· compare and contrast identical with non identical twins

· explain what Siamese twins are

Download this Topical Test below. Its complete with answer. Hope with this topical test module students will perform for their SPM examination. Thanks for you support. Please visit my blog again and be my followers or readers. Thanks.

Chapter 3 - Heredity and Variation (Topical Test) - Student Copy

Chapter 3 - Heredity and Variation (Topical Test) - Teacher Copy

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