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Monday, April 19, 2010

(Powerpoint) Analysing Light Dispersion

Today I'm sharing to you PowerPoint Science SPM Form 4. In my last post I have discussed about the different chapters in Science Form 4, and research to share with you some of the (Powerpoint) Science Form 4, the work of my hands, and my friends.

Today, I would like to share with each other (PowerPoint), its in Chapter 7.3 - Light, Color and Sight. Before this, i have discuss the convex lens and concave lens. Today I share to you in Chapter 7.3 - Analysing Light Dispersion. In this Chapter the learning outcome are,

i. State that light dispersion is the breaking up of white light into its components.

ii. Explain through examples how dispersion of light occurs such as a rainbow formation phenomenon.

I hope with this ppt, it can help teachers and students to understand more about the Light Dispersion. Please download it here.

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