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Monday, May 10, 2010

(Powerpoint) Rod and Cone cell ppt

Hello. today i would like to share to you all a NEW! Science Spm Form 4 Powerpoint. It is in Chapter 7.6 about rod and cone cell. Still in Chapter 7 Light Colour and sight. Their learning outcome is Applying the principle of subtraction of coloured light to explain to appearance of coloured objects. Hope at the end of the lesson student will be able to :

i.the rod and cone cells in the given diagram by labeling them correctly
ii.State at least 3 functions of the rod and cone cells during the “Wherezzit, Whatzzit?” activity
iii. Compare and contrast the functions of the rod and cone cells by arranging the answer cards in the table given

Download this Powerpoint here.



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new layout..:)...enjoy...

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