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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Effects industrial disposal on the environment ppt

Hello. Today i would like to share another Powerpoint in Science SPM Form 4. Still in Chapter 8 Chemical in Industry. Today Powerpoint in subtopic 8.2 Analysing the effects of industrial disposal on the environment. In this subtopic students will learned about

Learning outcomes : Student is able to

i. Identify manufacturing activities which are sources of pollution.

ii. Explain the effects of improper industrial waste disposal.

Prior knowledge : They have learned about type of pollution such as water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution in Form 2 and 3.

Lesson objective : At the end of the lesson, students should be able to

Content knowledge

i. Identify and classify the sources of pollution that is generated by the manufacturing activities.

ii. Describe the effect from improper manufacturing waste disposal that can harm living things and environment.


Science process skills :

i. Make a prediction about what they can see from the demonstration by the teacher.

ii. Able to defining operationally about the pollution by the industrial manufacturing.

Thinking skills : Able to grouping and classifying the type of manufacturing that cause a pollution and effects from the pollution.

Science attitude / noble value

i. Being flexible and open minded when work in group for produce a good poem in activity session.

ii. Dare to try and show their talent in front the class to recite poem.

iii. Being cooperative in doing their enrichment activities.

Hope with this Powerpoint students can learned more about this chapter. Download here. Thanks for your support.



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how to download???please help me

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