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Friday, December 17, 2010

(Powerpoint) Superconductor Alloys ppt

Today i would like to share another Powerpoint in Science SPM Form 4. This is in Chapter 8 Chemical in Industry. 8.1 Understanding the properties and uses of alloys in industry. In this chapter we will learned about

Learning Objective : Understanding the properties of alloys and their uses in industry.

Learning Outcome : Student should be able to state what superconductor alloys is.

Prerequisite knowledge : Students have some knowledge about alloys, conductor, properties of alloys and the uses of alloys in daily life.

Objective : At the end of the lesson, students should be able to

A Content Knowledge

i. Define superconductor.

ii. Give example of superconductor.

iii. Relate the uses of superconductor in daily life.

B Scientific Skills

i. Communicating the pictures about the uses of superconductor in daily life.

ii. Visualising about superconductor using video demonstration and model floating magnet.

iii. Classifying example and non example of superconductor.

C Scientific Attitudes and Noble values

i. Have an interest and curiosity towards technology in daily life involving superconductor.

ii. Appreciating the contribution of superconductor in industry.

iii. Being cooperative in group discussion.

Hope with this Powerpoint, teachers can teach better in Science SPM Form 4. Download Powerpoint here. Thanks for your support.




alfred said...

In commercial use, titanium alloys are used anywhere strength and weight are an issue. Bicycle frames, auto mobile and plane parts, and structural pieces are some common examples. In medical use titanium pins are used because of their non-reactive nature when contacting bone and flesh.

Alloy Material

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